Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31

I DID IT!!!!!!
I successfully blogged every single day of July!  Originally the theme for July was to be about routine.  If you've been following me this month you know that there is very little routine in my life.  July has been a whirlwind.  We've taken a trip to North Carolina, celebrated our nation's birthday as well as our daughter's birthday.  Lee changed jobs, therefore we've been attending the base chapel as well as our own church.  The girls competed in swim meets all over Hampton Roads.  We've traveled down to Florida to hunt for a new house. Caitlin's been working like crazy while we've been shuffling around with 1 or 2 vehicles in the shop for weeks.  All of this plus the normal everyday dealing with 2 dogs, 1 small pony dog and a fat cat.  That's our life and I would not have it any other way.  It's been fun getting into the habit of writing every day.  I'll probably try to continue now that I can't seem to go to sleep until I've blogged.  BUT considering that fact that we are currently down in Florida and going to Georgia tomorrow, I think I'll take a short vacation from the blog.  Don't worry, I'll be back.  

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30

I never knew that house shopping was SO tiring.  My girls tell me that we looked at 6 houses this afternoon.  I could have sworn it was more like 32.  Thankfully Holly took notes and Caitlin took pictures.  Otherwise, I would not remember any specifics about what we looked at.  After awhile they all started to run together in my memory. Tonight I am sitting here trying to figure out if I liked anything we looked at well enough to actually buy it.  My sleepy mind seems to recall that we liked a house in an odd neighborhood and a neighborhood with an odd house.  Tomorrow our real estate agent has about 120 lined up for us to look through.  Wait, I think it's more like 12.  I'll let you know if we find something where the house and neighborhood match.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29

Happy 13th Birthday Abbie Marie!!!

She's a teenager now!

Abs, we love you very much! You will ALWAYS be our little Morning Glory. 
We are so proud of the young lady that you are turning into.
We pray that God will bless you with  super, wonderful teenage years.
Love, Momma and Daddy

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28

Here I sit somewhere in South Carolina enjoying FREE wireless access to the internet from our roadside hotel. I'm laughing at how they can charge nearly $100 for a place to sleep and call the internet access free.  I'm guessing that tomorrow's continental breakfast will be "free" too.  What makes a breakfast continental and why is it that hotels near Interstate highways are the only places you can get a "continental" breakfast?  Is it the stale donuts or the cereal in little tubs that make a breakfast continental?  Maybe it is that you have to eat your english muffin (that you had to toast for yourself) with strangers who are traveling the continent just like you are.   Actually you can see right here ( what it really is.  That's for those of you with inquiring minds who REALLY want to know things.  
Another thing about traveling the wonderful Interstate system is that "rest areas" are provided. However, these wonderful rest areas become quite another place at night.  As we were traveling along, the call came from the back of the truck, "I gotta go potty!"  I spotted a Rest Area and thought it would be a great place to stop for several reasons;  1) it is well lighted, 2) it is very public, and 3) we are much less likely to spend money there.  Well as we were driving away from this "traveler's oasis," the consensus was that we would NOT stop at a rest area at night again! Can you say SCAAAARRRY?!?  Take my advice: look for the Wawa or a 7-11.  
Well as stated earlier, I am in a fine roadside inn and I am going to take advantage of this great room with super comfy beds and get a good night of sleep before we get back in the truck for another day of driving. Florida, here we come!

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27

Saving lives, that's what we've been about today.
WARNING: Do Not Read Further if the sight or talk of blood makes you ill!!!
Caitlin and I decided to go donate blood last week.  When we got to the location the Red Cross Techs had run out of bags.  Today was round 2.  Here we go!

That's my blood up there in that bag.  I hope and pray it does someone somewhere some good. Behind the camera is a VERY woozy, semi-conscious me.  Oh the sacrifices I make for a good blog post.  To get these pictures I nearly dropped the camera 3 times, required juice (for the sugar) and a glove filled with ice on the back of my neck.  All the while I was strapped in the upside down chair with my feet in the air. Oh and the juice ended up in my lap.  I think I was the problem child today!

Caitlin giving herself away.  It took me 12 minutes to fill a bag.  Took her off!

Caitlin minus a pint and feeling good... or so you think.  She was happily chatting up the techs and drinking her juice when she suddenly turned a strange shade of ivory. 
She faded quickly, I stayed calm, cool and collected (NOT!) and the techs hopped to the rescue.

They landed her in the upside down chair and went to work at getting her pinked up again.  In the meantime I put in an emergency rescue call to daddy who came to pick us up.  Neither of us were in any condition to drive home.  He showed up in a hurry and shuffled us out to eat.  Nothing like good ol American fast food to rebuild red blood cells. 

Hobbes is happily doing his part to help with the recovery process.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26

Sunday Suppers

Got zucchini? We do!  The long green squashies are beginning to take over my kitchen. There's only one choice.  When life hands you zucchini; make bread.  Even better, use Paula Deen's recipe! (She and I WILL cook together someday, she just doesn't know it yet)
Here's what you'll need:
3 1/4 Cups of all purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground nutmeg
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp ground cinnamon
3 Cups sugar (I warned you it was a Paula recipe)
1 Cup Veg oil
4 eggs beaten
1/3 Cup water
2 Cups of grated zucchini
1 tsp lemon juice
1 Cup chopped nuts or chocolate chips

In a mixing bowl stir together the dry ingredients: flour, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, baking soda and sugar.

Whisk your eggs, lemon juice and water together. Add the oil and zucchini and mix it in with the dry ingredients and stir.  At this point MOST people would add the nuts or chocolate chips but I'm not most people.

Pour your batter into 2 oiled loaf pans.

NOW add the chips or nuts and don't stir.  Why now you ask? Because the first time I made this the chips sank to the bottom while the bread baked.  My brilliant idea was to add them last and hope they only sink halfway during baking.
Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Ok so maybe it was not such a brilliant idea.  The chips sank anyway.  So I implore you bakers out there... How do you solve the chip sinking problem?!?  I NEED to know!!!
Let me just tell you, in spite of it being a little bottom heavy this bread is SOOOO good.  You would never know it has zucchini in it.  It's moist and yummy and smells like Christmas while it's baking.

Pastor fuel!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July 25

Scenes From Today
I must send you all an apology for yesterday's post and its lack of content.  Bad blogger! More than anything I was a TIRED blogger.  When I saw that Taco Bell Folk Song on my friend Deanna's blog earlier in the week I knew I HAD to post it for Friday Funny.  Unfortunately Caitlin and I scooted out of the house for a day of fun and posting the video was not even thought of until sometime around lunch.  I think I remembered about the time Caitlin suggested we go through the Taco Bell drive thru for lunch!  Believe me, I have NEVER encountered a drive thru order taker who was as clever as the guy on the video! Taco Bell found a real gem when they hired that guy.

My sweetheart finally got his mower back and he is a happy man with a freshly mowed lawn.

Hobbes had to supervise Caitlin unloading the groceries.  
I have discovered that I do not know how to cook for just 3 people.  I thought I did but all the leftovers in my fridge tell a different story.

Ick!!! Do you see what that it is? A snake skin!  In my shed! It's LONG!
We've teased Caitlin for a month about seeing a ghost snake.  She spotted him weeks ago and has refused to go in the shed ever since.  No one else in the family saw this mystery snake.  Lee came in to the house today and said "get your camera, you gotta see this".  I guess the snake is no longer a mystery!

This is the second soccer ball that Hobbes has completely destroyed.

Ummmmm....Wake up juice in my new handmade mug.  Thanks Ambre and Aunt Jen for being SO talented.  Lee and I LOVE our new mugs!

Lee says I'm growing baby carrots. Hardy har har! Those little buggers have been in the ground since April 28th.  The seed packet said that they should be harvested on or around the 65th day.  It's been way longer! So far we've been pulling one a week and all we've gotten so far is guinea pig treats.

Oops, how did that get in there? That's for tomorrow. Stay tuned for the recipe for Scrumptious Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23

Just Sharing
I love it when my kiddos make the local news.  As long as they stay out of certain sections of the paper it's all good.  I may post again tonight if I'm not woozy from blood lose.  Caitlin and I are going to do our good deed this afternoon and donate blood.  How's that for mother daughter bonding?! Last time I tried to save a life I passed out cold.  That was 9 years ago and I have been a little gun shy or shall I say needle shy ever since.  This time I am going in a little more prepared.  I made myself a pancake and egg breakfast and I'll be having cheesy chicken enchiladas for lunch.  I've also downed at least 32 oz of water recently and plan on having a bit more before 3pm. Just so you know, I did not pass out from needle fright, or the sight of blood. I have birthed 4 children so my constitution is not that frail. Apparently, my body is stingy with my blood and gets moody when more than a few drops leaks out. Tune in later tonight to find out whether or not we both stayed on our feet.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22

It's so quiet at my house. I have to blog today because I am so close to my goal of blogging every day of July.  The problem is, most of my inspiration is in Florida.  What in the world am I supposed to write about without the normal craziness happening around me?  An idea escapes me.  I feel like I am writing for the Seinfeld show. The blog about nothing, yada, yada, yada.  The craziest thing that happened to me today was getting stuck in a traffic jam.  Sounds like a wild day eh?  So... because I am idealess, I'll sign off and pray for a little excitement tomorrow, but not too much excitement. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21

Sent my 3 youngest girlies off to Florida earlier this evening.  They are bound for 2 weeks of fun in the sun with Mimi and Papa.  I will miss them terribly.  Actually, I'm having a hard time imagining what in the world I'm going to do with myself without the stinkers here.  I'll figure something out.  Any suggestions?

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20

I'm not going to write much tonight.  I've waited until the end of the day to blog and now my brain is too tired to be creative or witty or even accurate.  I did want to share these pictures of our recent trip to NC though. Enjoy!

Aunt Jen and Uncle Danny renew their vows on their 40th wedding anniversary.

With their kids and all but 2 of the grandkids.

Gracie and Gabby

Caitlin and Christopher

Holly and James

Having fun with mommy.

Holly spent most of our awake time there pushing the boys on the swing.  Here she is with Cameron.

Casey (Uncle Danny's Jack Russell) won our hearts with her sweet personality.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19

We are on the road on our way back home to Virginia.  We've been in the hills of North Carolina with family.  It was such a great visit but WAY too short.  I have some great pictures to publish here in a day or two of the vow renewal ceremony.  I always cry at weddings and this one was no exception.  I just kept thinking of the wonderful example of love and commitment between my Aunt Jen and Uncle Danny.  It was so sweet to see them look at each other and unashamedly declare their devotion, come what may, even after 40 years.

We've always teased Holly about being a little boy magnet and Ambre's twinsies were no exception.  The under 6 set flock to her without hesitation. These three hit off like they'd been friends forever. That's James on the left and Cameron peeking in on the right.
Holly showed them how to use the camera tool on our Mac laptop and they entertained themselves for a good long time.  These are only a sampling of the pictures they took. It was BIG fun!

The little photo booth has all these special effects that make you look like you would look in a fun house mirror. James took this one of himself and declared loudly "there's 2 of me!" Holly is in the middle looking a little like a strange one eyed animal.

Caitlin and Cameron had to get in on the fun too.

The funny thing was, when they first started doing all of this James was very confused.  He kept looking at Holly's distorted face in the computer then turning around and looking at her then back at the computer then back at her.  You could tell he was trying to figure out how she was getting her face to do that! 
Cameron, as you can see was unconcerned.  Too funny!

One of the twenty or thirty pics the boys took of themselves long after Holly and Caitlin tired of picture taking. 

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18

Me and Ambre (and Jamie peeking over)
The girls and I took off after for NC this afternoon to help Aunt Jen and Uncle Danny celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  They are renewing their vows tomorrow after church.

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17

(as if yesterday's guest blogger wasn't funny enough)
These kids are SO cute!
Happy Friday everyone

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16

Hello people, it's Me "Holly". I am the guest blogger today and to be honest I have no clue what-so-ever to blog about, so bear with me here, I'm just a child. I thought I'd tell you guys and gals what's on my mind lately (It's a lot, so prepare yourself).
So we have been watching a show called Heroes lately and let me tell you it's a pretty Awesome show (just make sure you go to the bathroom before you tune in, I learned that lesson the hard way). Heroes has everything you would ever want in a non-christian TV show. Action, suspense, love, cute guys, pretty girls, sadness, joy, and last but not least DEATH ( the perfect show to watch before bed).
Don't get me wrong or anything, LOST is still my all time fav, Heroes is just a new addiction to get me through 'till the next season of Lost comes out ( anybody have a clue how they are gonna end that show?? Yeah me neither).
Speaking of addiction, I have a new one and its bad...MOUNTAIN DEW, it's really bad people and don't you laugh ( Thanks Caitlin!).
As most of you know we have joined a swim team, it's fun but not that hard ( until someone starts goofing around and gets the whole dang swim team in trouble and coach makes us do like a thousand meters of butterfly). Our swim team is kinda small ( well it's not kinda small, it is small ) so we lose alot. I made a suggestion that someone bring a loser cake to eat after every meet, 'cause when you lose, cake makes EVERYTHING better.  You know what I hate is when we lose the swim meet the other team starts this evil chant 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate, SUFFOLK GATORS! ( As if we don't know we are losers already and they Appreciate us because we let them win. Thats how nice we are and that's the honest straight up truth. Not!! LOL)
Ok so me and my two little sisters are flying down to FL to visit the Grands. I'm going to make some suggestions for what not to do on an airplane ( since you know I'm an expert ). When the flight attendant comes up to you all nice and sweet right before the plane takes off and asks all nice and sweet " Y'all going to be ok?" I know one thing you don't say ( well a few things you don't say). All kinds of smarty pants responses run through my mind like ' yes would you like me to locate my exits (while I'm doing the dorky flight person two finger point) or ' no ma'am I think I'm gonna throw up, I just get so nervous when my mommy is not with me. I mean I'm only 14, I'm just a child!  If you don't want any drinks or candy on the flight then by all means go ahead, make your smarty pants remarks, just make sure and take pictures ( it's priceless some of the faces you get). If you're like me and enjoy the cookies, candy, and drinks just nod your head, put on your innocent face and say " Yes, ma'am I think we will be OK". It wins them over every time. If you are really in the mood to stir things up, stand up just after take off and yell "What do you mean this plane is going to Florida???  My sisters and I are supposed to be going to Nebraska!!!"
Well, it's been fun being the guest blogger but I really have to get to bed ( I mean I'm only 14 and children need their sleep ) Good-night people.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15

I received a loud complaint a few days ago. Someone in this household is NOT a big Hobbes fan.  She tolerates him, barely. Her complaint ran along the lines of my showing preference to the beast here on the blog and not giving any time to the BELOVED feline Fraidycat.  To be completely truthful, I have a tendency to prefer Sir Fraidric myself.  He is a genuine cat.  He does not need or bother anyone unless he's hungry.  He is snuggly when you want him to be, sometimes.  He keeps himself clean and does not go potty in the floor.  What's not to love? Hobbes on the other hand... well lets just say he's like a cartoon character.  There are times when he is being so funny I can't help but point the camera in his direction.
So in fairness, here's a little ditty about Fraidy.  We had our good friends over last Friday night to share an interesting meal of fajitas and egg rolls.  I know, I'm strange.  Anyway, they brought their EXTREMELY cute little girls Ranon and Abby.  

Here is Mr. Fraidycat minding his own business in HIS green chair. The fact that he was out in the common area with company in the house was a small miracle. He was a regular extrovert that night.

Here's Abby minding her own business.  Any time we are going to see these friends my girls make sure that their DS machines are fully charged and ready.  Abby and Ranon LOVE them and ask for them whenever they see us.  It keeps everyone happy.

Wait a sec, Fraidy abandoned his green chair in favor of the ottoman (which also belongs to him).  Looks like Abby abandoned the DS game in favor of a real live, fluffy kitty. 

No, wait, I was wrong.  What she was really looking for was a comfier spot to play her game.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13

We're going meatless tonight.
I'm not too sure how that's going to go over in this house full of carnivores.
I have a newfound healthy respect for people who grow food for a living.
This morning as I was down on my hands and knees clipping beans and squash out of the
garden I determined that all my effort would be worth it tonight. So on the menu will be
cabbage, fresh corn on the cob, fried okra and zucchini, beans, a green salad and warm
homemade bread. Is it 6 yet? My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12

Sunday mornings are quite hectic at our house.  As you can probably imagine, getting 5 females and one fella fed, spiffed up and in the car on time to make it to church before the first hymn, can be challenging.   This morning was no exception, thankfully nothing too crazy happened.  Lee has taken on the job of filling in for the base chaplain at the chapel on Norfolk Navy base, so we are on our way there instead of our usual Providence Baptist.  It's about an hour ride so I'm blogging this morning on the fly. 
 Lee was up first making a pot of coffee.  The aroma helped me crawl out of bed reluctantly.  I like a cup of iced coffee in the morning so my sweetheart poured up the leftovers from last nights pot and saved it for my wake up drink.  What a guy!  I got going on putting together something for lunch after church.  We'll be having a baked pasta with garlic bread, YUM~O!  One by one my sleepy headed girls dragged themselves into the kitchen as their daddy went around rolling them out of their individual beds.  Thankfully we had a box of Krispy Kreme donuts ready and waiting for them to eat for breakfast.  We should not be hearing the all too common stomach rumbling from Holly's general direction while everyone else is quiet at church.  The doggies were all taken outside and fed.  Facebook was checked, showers taken and the search for the right pair of shoes ensued.  Skirt length and outfits were Ok'd, hair brushed and braided and fretted over. Pasta lunch was finished and put in the fridge, zipper on a skirt repaired, make-up put on and bibles and purses located.  The truck was loaded and the house waslocked when someone yelled, "Holly's not in here!"  House was unlocked again and Holly was fetched.  Now were halfway through our drive through the beautiful Virginia countryside on our way to the words largest Navy base. Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us today. I hope you all have a wonderful Lord's day.