Monday, June 28, 2010

Kitchen Slideshow

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Duck Soup Kitchen

For about a month we have been keeping up with the newly hatched baby ducks from the pond across the street.  Every day the mama duck waddles over to our yard with her little ones trailing behind her.  Every day they get just a little bigger.  When they first started crossing the street they were so small that the trip was quite a journey.  Now they can scamper across very quickly.  Miriam Grace has befriended them by going out as often as possible to feed them our leftover bread.  The other bigger ducks have caught on to her routine.  She's running a regular duck soup kitchen out of our front yard.
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In just a few weeks I will be able to add a photo in the international gallery on the right of Caitlin and Holly in front of the Taj Mahal. Isn't that cool?! The girls are gearing up to make the long journey from Orlando to New Delhi, India in just one week. They are SOOOO excited!

They will be staying with Jacob and Melissa pictured here above and below. This sweet couple has agreed to be the girl's hosts for the whole month while they are there.
They will be keeping the girls busy working in orphanages and homes, playing with children, working in kitchens and teaching some basic English. They will even have the privilege of attending a traditional Indian wedding during their stay.
I'm pretty sure there will be some sight seeing and shopping going on too. It won't be ALL work but it WILL be hot. Right now in this part of India the temp is well over 100 degrees daily, with no AC during the day to escape the heat.

This is the city where Jacob and Melissa live. It is located on the Ganges river. The girls will be taking a train (with Melissa) to get there after they land in Delhi. What an adventure! Please remember the girls as well as Jake and Melissa. Mention them to The Most High as often as you can during the month of July. We would GREATLY appreciate that!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Anyone who has known us for awhile knows our little Snicky dog.  She's been a constant for us since July of 2000 when I found her sitting in the middle of a highway in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Bless her long little weinerdog heart.  Most of you also know that she has cancer.  She is now nicely recovered from her recent surgery to remove 2 large tumors.  I'm happy to report that she seems to be back to her old bouncy self when it comes to meal times.  Otherwise she lounges her days away on her pallet beside my bed.  It's a dog's life!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Wrigley: Small, fluffy and cute. Thinks he is a doberman. Currently looking for employment with the K9 unit on the local police force. Can't figure out why no one takes him seriously.

Hobbes: Large and Clumsy. Thinks he is a Yorkie. Can't understand why he won't fit under the coffee table. Completely baffled that people keep getting into his giant water bowl in the backyard.

It's Finished!!!

Hurray!!! The kitchen is officially remodeled. I LOVE IT!!!

My new sink. It makes me happy.

You can't see it but there is A LOT of love and elbow grease in those granite tiled countertops.

Coffee anyone?
Come on over and enjoy a cuppa joe with us!