Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sir The Barber

Charlie flew with Gaga and Papaw, Aunt Bob, Uncle Stan and Tyler to Texas today.
He got a great haircut just for the occasion.

Papaw has been taking him uptown to a Barber Shop for his haircuts ever since he was tiny.  Charlie calls his barber "Sir".  None of us actually know why but we go with it. That's what you do when cute 3 year olds enter your life and change your vocabulary altogether. 
Anyway, last night Charlie walked into my kitchen and this is the conversation we had.
Charlie: Hey Becky do you like my shoes?
Me: WOW!
Those are some great flip flops!  And I LOVE your new haircut!  You look so handsome.  Did Sir cut it for you today?
Charlie: No, he's tired.
Gaga: (whispers) he retired.  

Gotta love that little guy. 
Have BIG Texas sized fun Charlie!

Where's Wally?

Has anyone noticed that it has been 284 days since we've spent money at Wally World?  My family has pretty much stopped asking me why we aren't shopping there anymore.  I guess that might be because I shrug and say "because".  We don't really have a great reason and we don't hate Wal*Mart.  Last year it was not uncommon for us to go there two or more times a week. We've even had more date nights than I care to admit end with a stroll around Wal*Mart.  
It all started last Christmas when the girls received gifts that needed to be exchanged.  All 4 gifts had come from Wal*Mart but we had no receipts.  Two of the gifts had come from a Wal*Mart in another state.  Long story short, the manager accused us of trying to cheat them and refused to exchange the two from the other state.  THAT did not set well with my dearly beloved.  He suggested that we try to live without them for a year. At first I was worried.  No Wally World?  Where in the world will I waste my hours and money from now on? Then I realized that I lived quite fine without it for 3 years on Guam.  
Within a month my truck (Jet Puff) stopped pulling to the left when I'd ride south on Blanding Blvd.  Now, 9 months later I don't even miss it. 
Since I started couponing in earnest I have learned that Wal*Mart is NOT where you'll find those rock bottom deals that I am always on the hunt for.  All in all it has been an eye opening experience and I do believe that I will not have the urge to run to the nearest store when our year is up.  We'll just have to find a new place to end our date nights from now on.  Starbucks sounds like a winner to me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All My Girls

All the girls I'd love to spend an afternoon with over a cup of coffee.  Some of them I see all the time and some I haven't been able to see in quite awhile.  Some I will not have the privilege of seeing again this side of heaven.  If you see any boys in the video below ignore them; this one's for the girls.

Yesterday's Haul

I shopped the under $1 deals at Target yesterday.  These are items that were on sale plus I applied a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon to each item. That brought us to 31 items with a value of $67.  My total at the register was $26.  That's a $41 savings!  The only item I paid more than a dollar for was the mouthwash but I got a few items for free, so I let it slide.  I am SO loving this couponing, it's addicting. My pantry and bathroom shelves are beginning to look well supplied and that makes me a happy mom.  

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday NOT SO Funny

I have to thank my friend Valerie for pointing me in the direction of these photos over on Facebook.  Typically I am not very politically minded.  Don't read anything into these photos about my political opinions (which are few).  These were taken with the intention of poking fun at the newly formed TeaParty. I must admit that after viewing them all, I have much to think about. 
I post them because I simply cannot believe the horrible use of the English language! If you are going to make a public, political statement ESPECIALLY about the English language at LEAST word your sign properly!!!  Note my improper over usage of the exclamation point; I own that.  Even grammar tyrants are allowed a little wiggle room.  
I don't want to get all serious on you but I will for just a minute. Did these people graduate from high school?  Do they vote? Do they hold down professional jobs?  Yikes.  The educational system in America ROCKS! You can go ahead and note that my last sentence was dripping with sarcasm; I own that too.

Sure, respect it but don't bother learning it?  This is a common mistake that makes me a little nutsy.  If we own it, it is O-U-R-S.   Our country, not are country!!!

AMNESTY- Not only a controversial topic but evidently an EXTREMELY difficult word to spell.

A-Men-Sty  Is she protesting messy bachelor pads?

English 101: Put the apostrophe where the letters are missing.
Is that so hard?

Lesson continued: Didn't is short for Did Not.  Which letter is missing in Didn't?  The "O".  Oh, that must be where the apostrophe goes!  I won't even ask to whom he served 22 years. How would one go about serving a year anyway? You can't put a year on a plate and serve it up the way I served my family homemade raviolis for supper. I guess we are supposed to assume that he served OUR country for 22 years. That same guy would probably be quick to tell me what happens when you assume anything. 

By far this is my favorite sign.  I was so excited to learn that I could know a second language in 24 hours simply by keeping my trap shut for a day.  I've been meaning to learn Spanish but that Rosetta Stone program is so expensive. I'm not exactly sure though why I would need to find my legislator.  Is he lost? Is that part of the requirement for my ability to speak Spanish tomorrow?  Kind of a Hispanic version of Where's Waldo?  Sounds fun, sign me up!!

I had an excellent second grade teacher.  She taught me that I should: Write my sign in pencil first, proof read my sign by checking carefully for spelling mistakes and THEN make it official by breaking out the magic markers and glitter.

It's really too bad that someone didn't pay attention in English class on the day that contractions were taught. 

I completely understand that I may have made grammar mistakes in this post.  Feel free to point them out.  I can take it.

Friday Funny

Friday Funny-ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 Good Things About A Week That Wasn't

10 Things About Last Week That Didn't Stink.

Sometimes you just need to look on the bright side.

1. Rosie's steak tacos.  Yum! Sunday started off well.  Our church visit/hunt was not a complete disappointment.  After church we ate with the Furlongs at Rosie's which has NEVER let me down. I love their steak tacos!

2. Baby Cheyanne kept us entertained and smiling for 3 straight days.

3. I got this nifty new hair color.  I did it all by myself and am pleased to announce that I do NOT look like I will be looking for work with the circus.

4. Facebook.  My friends live there.

5. I saved us some major cash by playing the grocery game.  I love the competition between myself and that giant called the grocery store.  

6. My sweet neighbor Mrs. K (who is old enough to be my grandma) popped over for a visit just to chit chat.  What a delight.

7.College football season is here! 
There's a hint of Fall in the air. Ahhhhhh
The Dawgs and the Gators both won their games so all is still well in our divided house.
Go Gators! 

8. My dearly beloved ran 8 miles in one stretch. He's training for the Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon in Jax.
So proud of him!

9. Caitlin and Abbie have surprised and impressed me by faithfully working together on their relationship and their girly figures.  They are torturing themselves with P90X daily.  I love my beautiful girls!

10. His promises are sure and His faithfulness unwavering. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Suppers

Nobody cooks like my mother-in-law!  She could give Paula Deen a run for her money any day of the week.  Today I think you would have liked being me sitting down to an AMAZING southern, home cooked meal surrounded by family.  Eating here on Sunday after church is almost exactly like Thanksgiving without the turkey.  There's roast beef (and today pork chops too) creamed potatoes with gravy made from the beef.  There's field peas, creamed corn cut straight from the cob, fried okra and of course corn bread and sweet tea.
Get this: She was worried that we might not have enough food.  I guess she wouldn't be worthy of being called a true southern woman without a little tizzy over how much food to prepare.  After we all ate our fill and then some there was naturally an abundance of food leftover.
Just about the time we are stuffed to the gills and moaning about how we may never need to eat again we hear from the kitchen "I hope ya'll saved room for dessert!!"   

Sitting around the table with family and telling stories and making memories is what Sunday afternoons ought to be about.  
About the time we finally get up and get the kitchen nice and clean along comes a kiddo asking "what's for supper?"  
Ding ding! Round 2!

Friday, September 3, 2010