Sunday, August 19, 2007

Biker Chicks!

That's what our girls have turned into~ biker chicks! Papa took each of the girls riding on the Harley yesterday. They LOVE riding on the motorcycle perched behind Papa or Daddy or Mr. Danny or whoever will offer to take them for a spin around town. They have the fever now for daddy to get another bike. I'm pretty sure daddy would be happy to oblige their biker chick tendencies!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Introducing....Jet Puff

Ok I know it's silly to name your vehicle but I always have probably always will. I'm wondering how many other people name their cars or appliances? Growing up we had a garbage disposal named Ralph. To this day I tell the children and Lee that Ralph will eat the leftovers or scraps off of their supper dishes. Seems natural to me. Anyway, when we left Guam we sold the big black rolly thing aka our black Suburban. The Navy would only move one car for us so we chose to have them move Lee's Mazda aka Sparkles. BTW Lee's not real crazy about the whole naming the cars concept but he's coping well. When we arrived here in Virginia we had to replace the family vehicle. Jet Puff is what we bought. The girls and I thought it looked like and enormous marshmallow so she was properly named Jet Puff. I think it fits, don't you? I just read on my blog home page that they have added a feature where I could post a survey on my blog. I think I may go research it and see if I can post a "Who names their things?" survey. In the meantime we'd love to hear back from you. What's your car's name?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our First Month

I have been meaning to sit down and type all of this out for awhile now. We are finally almost completely out of boxes and just about settled into the house. Moving is such a pain!!! The day after arriving here in Virginia my mom and dad came to help us get moved in to the house. Well lets not quibble~ they really came to see the girls, but we put them straight to work! We painted and did minor repairs, hung things on the walls and painted and made numerous trips to Lowes, received household goods, unpacked tons of boxes and painted some more. It was a very busy two weeks. Caitlin escaped to Peru after 5 days of all of this busyness. As soon as I can get her to stay home for a little while we will sit down and blog all about her mission trip to Peru.
Don't misunderstand me, it was not ALL work and no play. While Mimi and Papa were here we went out to eat at many of the places we have been missing for three years, we spent time at the library, we went to Colonial Williamsburg, we took a day trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel, we went the Mariners Museum where Papa got to see the Monitor's turret (he was so excited). We also shopped a bit and Mimi gave Gracie a few sewing lessons. I would say we accomplished a lot in about 16 days!
After Mimi and Papa went home we welcomed Grandma and Grand-daddy for a visit. They did not have to paint anything but they did help unpack a few boxes. Mostly we just played and enjoyed each others company. We also took a day trip to Williamsburg. Lee's ship was finally out of the shipyard so we got to go to the pier and get a look at her. Lee's dad took lots of pictures. Speaking of pictures~ our moving to Virginia album is posted on our Picasa Web albums (link on the right). Our camera's memory card was full while G&G were here so there are not many pics of their visit. :-(
I will post finished room pictures of the house as soon as I take them ;-).