Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo

Something tells me that by the time we get this house just the way we want it, it will be time to move again.  This month's project: Hardwood (Bamboo) floors in the Dining room, Living room and Den.  Thanks goes out to Uncle Will who ripped up the carpet and tack strips in all three rooms. You Rock!

Holly helping me get the floor ready.

So, Lee took the classes and watched the videos on how to install a floating engineered wood floor.  He was educated and ready to roll AND THEN I threw him a curve ball.  Poor guy.  I had to go and fall in love with a solid wood bamboo floor that has to be glued down.  I couldn't resist, IT WAS ON SALE!!!
Back to the classes my sweetheart went. I just love him.

Here we are spending most of the morning of Day 1 figuring out how to begin.  It was challenging.  You can go ahead and refer to this portion of our day as "marriage therapy".  We're a stronger couple now after weathering this storm.  Don't mess with US!

The spacers are down and the first few rows are laid out. We're ready for the glue... I think. 

Hey, this looks like progress!!
The most stressful part was getting started.
Then the work really began. 
 I did not realize that putting this floor down would require EVERY muscle in our bodies! 

Happy ME!!!!

At the end of Day 1 a little more than half of the dining room was finished.  

 Fast Forward... That's me laying the last board in the dining room. I've never felt such relief and exhaustion all at the same time.

Our dining and living rooms are connected.  It was a challenge to run such long rows and get them straight but we made it work.  
We still have the rest of the living room and the den to conquer but we are giving it a break until the weekend.  Lee only had 2 days off this week and my poor body needs a little recovery time.

Happy Lee!!!