Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wrigley Piggly

Wrigley is growing little by little.  He is such a smart boy!  He is almost completely housebroken, he can sit when we tell him to and he can stay put for a little bit.  He gets so excited about getting a treat that he can't keep his fluffy little tail on the floor for too long.  We have been training him to come to us when we call.  Everyday the girls and I take treats and hide all over the house.  We then take turns calling "Wrigley, comere"  He come running as fast as his tiny little legs can carry him and sits right down in front of us.  He knows he's done good and is going to get something yummy.  Sometimes we move from spot to spot to see if he can find us.  It's so funny to watch him run to the spot where we last were and look around in confusion.  He quickly catches on though.  
Wrigley LOVES his Bobo!

Fraidycat just jumped on the bed

He and Bobo played so hard that he needed a little break

Monday, March 24, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Just wanted to let you all know that we are still here. I have not posted in a few days because our internet connection has been less than reliable lately. How's a gal supposed to become a supreme blog queen without a good internet connection?
Lee and I spent at least 3 hours on the phone with Habib (In India) from Verizon Tech Support on Friday night. What a way to spend a Friday night eh? Let me just say there was definitely a language barrier hindering our progress. Habib finally decided that our modem was defective and is sending us a new one. I hope he was right. Personally, I think Habib was as tired of us as we were of him at that point. What can Brown do for me? Bring me a new modem and if it doesn't work, I guess I'll have to call Habib back.
I hope you all had a wonderful Lord's Day yesterday. We did. I took lots of new pictures, so I will get everything posted when our internet is more cooperative.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Music Results & New Look

America voted and the results are in.  Actually only 13 of you voted, but the results are still in.  The majority of you said "keep the music".   The music stays!  I updated the songs a bit for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!  
You may have noticed the new look here at "Lovin' Life At Home".  Thanks to Amy who saved the day so to speak,  we have a lovely new background.  No more "blog in a box" for me, Hurray!  I feel like I've graduated up a notch or two in the blog world.  Now if I could only make these changes for myself.  I seriously need to take some lessons.  I look at The Pioneer Woman's  blog and her sister food blog and just drool.  Not over the yummy delicious looking food pictures so much but of her readership.  She gets hundreds of comments on one post.  She actually has sponsors and is making money blogging!!!!!  Can you imagine?  She holds contests where the prizes are $500.00 gift cards.  That can only be done through the magic of sponsorship.  She has clever little names for her family and gorgeous photos.  So I'm gleaning. I have ambitions, they may not be very realistic, but everyone needs a goal or two right? Watch out HTML here I come!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Deep Down

Most kids dig to China right? Not my little women, no way!  Why dig to China when you can dig to Guam?  I would venture to say that most kids have no idea where Guam is even located. I didn't 4 years ago.  Here's a few pictures of the girls working on their ongoing mission "Dig to Guam".  They've been at it for 3 days and have yet to spot any sign of the tropical island. Spirits are waning.

I've been trying to improve a few things on my blog, more about that later.  One of the hints I've gleaned from another successful blogger is to use the telephoto lens on your camera in order to get a more realistic/less posed shot. With that in mind, I went to great pains to get these pictures without the girls catching on.  I even removed the screen from my upstairs bedroom window.  How's that for blog commitment?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Why So Blah?

I'm no techie!  I should have known better then to try tweaking the html for my blog.  What was I thinking?!  I was thinking a pretty new background would be nice to have. Amy said my pink colors don't match, so I thought I might try to do something about it.  Aiyiyi, I should have gone out and bought myself a new pair of shoes or something and left the tweaking to Amy.  Now what?  Amy, Can you hear me all the way over in Guam? HELP!!!!  I tried using the site you posted but to no avail.  Should I just go back to a standard blogger template?  Right now it's set a minima.  Any advice?  

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Have you ever wondered why we who are not Irish celebrate on a day set aside for the patron saint of Ireland? Forgive me please if you are reading and you happen to be Irish, rightfully celebrate to your hearts content. Kids all over America will be hyped up on sugar from green frosted cupcakes and shamrock shaped cookies. They'll delight in pinching those who had the unfortunate luck of forgetting to wear green clothing. Adults will toast with warm green beer and drunkenly sing "O Danny Boy" off key. It's the only day where an American can claim to be Irish just for a kiss. Why do we do this? Here's a few facts you might want to know.
First off it might interest you to know that St Patrick was not Irish! He was born in Britain, kidnapped at age 16 and enslaved in Ireland. During his slavery (while shepherding) he "found God". He escaped from slavery and made his way back to Britain studying theology there for 14 years. He claimed he had a vision from God compelling him to go back to Ireland to spread God's word among the pagan druids. He preached there for over 30 years and his impact was enormous and far reaching. I found it interesting to learn that within 200 years of his preaching, Ireland had completely converted to Christianity and was the ONLY European country to do so peacefully. On a side note, one legend says the Shamrock is popular on this day because Patrick used it in his preaching to demonstrate the holy trinity. The 3 leaves showing how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can be separate yet still one.
For centuries Ireland celebrated their Saint quietly each year. It wasn't until 1737 that Irish immigrants to America brought the party to us. In typical American fashion we have managed to turn it into a boozy festival. The good news is that if you are going to drink, make sure you drink the authentic Guinness Dark Irish stout. In 2003 the American Heart Association claimed that their research showed that a daily mug of the dark amber variety is as effective as an aspirin in helping reduce blood clots that cause heart attacks. So when you raise your pint with the traditional Irish Slainte' which means "health" maybe you are actually doing something good for your health. I'm not sure I buy that though. If green and healthy is what you're after, go with broccoli. Besides, no one has ever been thrown in the pokey for driving under the influence of broccoli.
I say all of this to say that I'm not sure why we Americans celebrate good ol' Saint Paddys day. I just know that when I wear my Emerald Isle green today, I'll be remembering Patrick's faithfulness and obedience to God.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost (Spoiler Warning)

My goodness, my goodness!!!!  Lost is getting freakier by the minute!!  I could not comment until my Guam people had watched this last episode.  All I can say is, this show is making me crazy.  I have so many unanswered questions and every episode adds to my list.  Achiwawa!! Michael is back?  What?!!  Is he Ben's mole and why would Locke let Ben loose is if the mole is Michael? Where's Walt?  Oh and this whole Jin is dead thing is a huge mystery, was he the one in the casket from last season?  Why would no one want to come to his funeral and why did Hurley say "good" when Sun said no one else would be coming?  Questions, questions.  I have so many more but I have a life I must get back to. 

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Amy and Caitlin

Here's a couple of Caitlin and her buddy Amy having fun with the photo booth feature of the MAC

Spring Has Sprung

Picture taken yesterday.  Our tree,  covered over with tiny white flowers. This same tree was completely red and gold last fall.  We like our tree.

Privacy Nightmare

Typically I am not a big activist, but this issue scares me.  The more people who know about this the better.  Read on and be informed. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Music

I need your help.  
Yesterday I was reading Blogging Basics 101.  It's a very cool how-to website for bloggers and wannabe bloggers (linked on the right).  I read an interesting article about how many people despise music on the blogs that they read.  Some even noted that they immediately navigate away from a blog if there is preloaded music.  So, if you are reading this, you are obviously not one of those people.  Others noted that the music was never in their tastes and did not want to be subjected to it.  Most complained that it caused their computer to load the page very slowly.  So, with all of this in consideration, I decided to ask you what you think of the music .  After all, I do this for you guys and I want it to be an enjoyable experience.  There is a poll on the right.  Let me know what you think.  The poll closes on the 18th.  I will fill you all in on the verdict.   

Move Over Vera

Make way for Gracie, purse designer and craft diva

Made with a pair of old jeans she outgrew. It's lined and has "bling"

Now she wants to cut all of her old clothes up and make them into something fabulous!

Rough Seas

Lee's ship at sea.  As you can see from the picture, the sea is a rough place to be sometimes.  I am sorry that I cannot tell you when or where this was taken, but I do have permission to post it.  I just hope that it will remind you to keep our family and all of the other military families out there in your prayers.  

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our New Home (repost)

Just Kidding!!! I did tell the girls that this was the home we would be renting next and that they could each have their own trailer. What more could they ask for?!! A family plantation. Snickers requested the little orange striped one on the right.


I had a little brain toot there.  Yesterday I tried to post something below and could not get the picture to attach.  I thought I had canceled the whole thing but apparently I didn't.  Thanks,  Ambre for pointing it out.  I am determined to get it posted soon though, so sit tight.  

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our New Home ;-)

Mommy Tricks

<--To the left here you will find my new favorite product for getting a meal on the table in a hurry.  Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips- if Tyson ever changes their recipe or discontinues this item....  well I'll just have to write 'em a letter!  That's what my papa John used to say when he would get disgruntled with anyone including the Federal government "Im just gonna write 'em a letter!!"  That'll fix 'em!  Ok, I digress, back to the chicken.  Us mommy's have to a few tricks up our sleeves to keep the masses happy and well fed.  You may be thinking, "alright Rebecca, why are you so hyped up over a bag of frozen chicken? Get a life sister!"  This ordinary bag of frozen chicken strips first of all tastes just like REAL fried chicken, not that pressed together, weird, I'm not sure what I'm eating, sort of resembles chicken stuff.  That should be enough to sell it right there.  For me though, it is the jumping off spot for SO many recipes.  I will tell you three different ways we use it.  
First (and by far the family fav) is Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Bake the strips in the oven till completely hot, get yourself a jar or bottle (or better yet mix up your own) of wing sauce. They sell Hooters wing sauce at Wal Mart!  When the strips are fresh out of the oven pour your sauce over them and stir till coated nicely.  Serve the strips on hamburger buns (I toast mine) with a slice or sprinkle of you favorite cheese.  Put the ranch or blue cheese dressing on the table and some kind of side dish (we like Mac N Cheese) and TA DA, you've got dinner.  
Next we have Sesame Chicken
Bake the strips and then cut them up into small bite size pieces.  While the chicken is baking put some rice on to cook.  Then you can mix up a quick sauce of
1/2 C water
1 C chicken broth
1 T Vinegar
1 C sugar
2 T soy sauce
A dash of sesame or olive oil
a sprinkle of ground red pepper (to taste, my people like it hot!)
1 clove garlic 
2 T sesame seeds
1/4 C cornstarch
Put all the sauce ingredients into a sauce pan and bring it to a bubble.  The cornstarch will react with the sugar when the heat gets to it and it will get thick and sticky.  At this point pour the sauce over your chicken pieces, stir till coated and serve over rice.  
If you want to get fancy, throw some cut up bell peppers or other veggies in.  Instant asian meal without having to speak engrish with the No.1 Chinee take out lady down the road.  You rike eggroll wit dat?
Next we have Italian Chicken
Put your strips in a 9x13.  Pour you favorite sketti sauce over the strips, sprinkle with an italian mix of shredded cheese and bake till the chicken is hot and cheese is melty.  In the meantime cook up some pasta.  Serve together with a nice salad and bread.  Your family will say "Mama Mia! " 
Speaking of Salad, we like this chicken chopped up into a salad too.  Asian Salad is the best.  Salad greens with chicken (of course) a can of drained Mandarin oranges, a sprinkle of Craisins and rice noodle and toasted almonds.  Toss it all together and top with an Asian Sesame dressing, YUM-O!  

I have plenty more ideas where those came from, want more?  Let me know.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog Stuff

Look up^^^^^^  See the new blog header?  Thanks to my buddy Amy in Guam (blog diva extraordinaire) for designing it and getting it installed. We love it!  Snickers says THANKS (woof woof) too, she likes being represented.  

If anyone is interested in having their own blog or tweaking the one they  have, I have posted a link to the right called blogging basics 101.  This is an excellent resource.  For the beginner it will walk you step by step through choosing a host and getting one set up.  For those of us who've been at it for awhile there is tons of information on how to improve your blog and solve any of your pesky problems.  I have learned quite a bit by visiting this site.  

Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Goal

I know it's a little late for a New Year's Resolution so I won't call my new goal a resolution.  It will just be a plain ol' goal.  Besides, I don't really believe in making New Years Resolutions because by Jan 3rd I have already broken them.  I know myself pretty well.
My newest goal is to read and know the bible.  Don't hear what I am not saying (a new phrase that I have latched onto).  I  read the bible all the time in bits and pieces and in college I HAD to read it from Genesis to maps and write a summary sentence for every single chapter.  What I am saying is that I have a desire to read it and REALLY know what it's saying. To have an active understanding of it so that I can live it out.  You can't live it if you don't know it. I know verses and short passages and I even have some of it memorized but I want MORE.  Lee told me a couple of months ago about a reading plan that he heard about on John MacArthur's radio program.  I researched it and tweaked it for myself and have been putting it into practice for a couple of weeks.  My goal is to stick with it and make it such a habit that it becomes second nature.  They say it takes almost a month of repetition for something to become a habit, so I am not quite there.  It has not come easily as I am very good at finding every excuse you can imagine to not get up for reading and prayer time.  Anyone else struggle with this?  
So here is the plan: 
It's alot of reading but usually only takes me about 45 minutes to complete.

1. Read 5 chapters of the Old Testament every day (the best way is to start with Genesis but beware of Leviticus and Numbers as they can be tiresome and may make you want to stop)
** Another option is to read 3 chapters a day and then include a Psalm and Proverb every day with your 3 chapters.  I prefer the first option though. 

2. Separate the New Testament into smaller chunks of between 4-7 chapters and read that same section every day for 21 days.  

3. When you finish a book take the next day or two to read it from start to finish.  
Here is how I mapped out what I do:


***For example I will read Matthew chapters 1-6 for 21 days then move on to chapters 7-12 for 21 days and so on till I finish Matthew.  I will then take about 2 days to read the whole book.  After that I will move on and do the same thing for Mark, Luke and all the rest.  At this pace it will take me about 107 days to get through Matthew.  I think I will have a pretty good understanding of the book of Matthew after spending 107 days camped out there!
With this plan the entire NT gets a lot of attention and at the end of 21 days you REALLY know what that section says.  This also helps with the common problem of sitting down with good intentions to read God's Word and then having no clue where to begin.  By my calculations it will take 1048 days to read through the NT using this plan.  That's almost 3 years engrossed in God's Word.  
I have the entire NT mapped out into sections.  I can type it all out and send it to anyone who would like a copy for your own reading purposes.  
Well, now you have heard my goal.  How about you?  Got any goals you would like to share?  Snickers says she would love to hear them and I would too.
"The unfolding of Your words O Lord gives light, it imparts understanding to the simple" 
Psalm 119:130

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Breaking News

Ultimate Lost Fan Gets Braces
Thats right folks you heard it here first, Holly now has braces on her upper teeth.  In an interview with Holly she claimed that the metal in her mouth will in no way impede her being glued to the TV on Thursday nights at 9 PM.  She will however be forced to give up the usual bag of microwave popcorn during the wildly popular ABC TV series.  "Popcorn is strictly forbidden" says Dr Anderson, Holly's orthodontist from Suffolk, VA.  
Lost's fourth season has been marked by crazy plot twists and a series of unanswered questions leading it's fans to a myriad of speculations.  When asked if Holly has any new insight on her favorite show now that her teeth are being straightened, she replied "this whole experience has made me see the need a person has for a constant in their life. I will be making sure I have a constant and so should all of you who are reading this right now."  Profound words from an almost 13 year old.  Holly also reports that her dog Snickers is a big fan of Lost.  Snickers has been disgruntled of late claiming that Vincent, her favorite character has not had nearly enough air time.   
Rebecca Brown Reporting 
Associated Mom News

Random Thoughts

Who am I fooling? MOST of what I think is random!  So what I share here is just typical, off the top of my head stuff.  Today was just one of those days where I went from one thought and or task to the next sometimes both at the same time without any sense of accomplishment or direction involved.  Therefore, here I sit at the end of the day wondering what I did get done over the last 15 hours.  Ever have one of those days?  I think it must be a "mom thing".  I'll just keep telling myself that, it makes me feel better.
There has not been too much happening around here lately except that Holly got her braces put on her top teeth on Thursday.  Her treatment calls for her to wear only the top brackets for a few months, then we get the bottom ones.  As soon as I get a picture of her new hardware I will post it.  She is not in as much pain as we anticipated, so that's a good thing.  It's looking like Abs and Gracie will both be needing braces soon also.  OUCH!!  Can you hear the checkbook screaming?  I suppose it's all part of being a parent.  All I know is that they had all better smile more in a couple of years.  
Everyone is trudging through their schoolwork.  We are coming to the time in the school year when it gets harder and harder to stick with it.  They tell me it will be warming up soon. It certainly feels plenty cold outside for me right now.  But with warmer weather comes a strong desire to ditch the school books and run free.  I think this urge may also have something to do  with just being sick of looking at it everyday since last August.  
Wrigley is growing and doing very well in his house training.  He now has all his needle sharp little puppy teeth and our hands show the evidence of his teething.   He chases Fraidy and Spooky which is funny because they are quadruple the size of him.  Spooky will tolerate him and even play a little but Fraidy will have NONE of his puppy nonsense and regularly delivers a good smack to Wrigley's head.  You'd think Wrigs would learn, but evidently he is a dog of very little brain.  He goes back for more punishment from Fraidy time after time.  
Speaking of pets, Snickers reports that Wrigley is extremely annoying and would like for him to go play in traffic.  
I have a new code I will be using here on the blog and in my emails.  If I deliver ANY message from Snickers it will mean something specific.  If you would like to know what it means, email me at and ask "what does it mean?"  I will tell you, if I know you. I am trying to be cryptic here.  I don't think the CIA would ever consider hiring me.