Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Visitors From The East

 Caitlin's bestie Allison has faithfully visited us at every duty station except Guam.  We'll forgive her for that one.  She surprised Caitlin by showing up just in time to help her celebrate turning 20!

 Of course Mimi and Papa had to come see us!  This was their first ever trip to The Big Easy so we had fun playing tour guides.  I'm pretty sure Papa's favorite part of the trip was the beignets!  He might have been just a little disappointed when he realized that we don't actually eat them EVERY DAY.

 Aunt Pattie and Uncle Isaac made a pit stop in New Orleans on their vacation.  This visit was short but sweet (and spicy thanks to the Cajun supper at Zydycos)! Thanks for coming to see us guys!

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Ashley said...

Looks like fun!! Maybe one day you will get some visitors from the 904 - lol! :)