Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 Things

Here are the top 10 items that my family uses up the quickest.  I didn't use any scientific formula or anything.  I just based the list on the items that are ALWAYS on my grocery list.

  1. Toilet paper.  With 5 females in the house is it any wonder that this item is the first on my list?
  2. Milk.  Big moo juice drinkers here!
  3. Potatoes. Fried, baked, mashed, nuked.... yep, we like taters.
  4. Onions. They go with the potatoes and SO many other menu items.
  5. Rice.  I'm thinking that living 3 years in the Pacific turned us into rice fans.
  6. Bread. I'm not sure why but I am the one who always ends up having to eat my sandwich with one of the bread heels turned around.  Turning it around fools my brain into thinking it's a normal, middle slice of bread.  I eat it while I grumble to myself about being out of bread AGAIN!
  7. Laundry Detergent.  I have nothing nice to say about laundry.
  8. Soy Sauce.  I got wise a few years ago and started buying it by the quart.  That's what we get for being rice fans I suppose.
  9. Water. We get our 5 gallon bottles refilled often. So why is that they always seem to be empty?
  10. Oatmeal/Cereal.  I can't seem to keep it in the pantry for long. You'd think that we are using Jethro sized bowls the way it disappears around here. 
What does your family go through quickly?  Please assure me that we are halfway normal.


Ashley said...

Icecream, Cereal & Milk - none of which have anything to do with me! ;-)

Deanna said...

I try to buy non-perishables in bulk so the answer is different depending on whether you mean what we use a lot of or what I have to buy most often. The things I have to buy most often are cheese, butter and fresh produce. The things we use a lot of? Tea, coffee, wine and the aforementioned cheese/butter/produce. I buy toilet paper by the case from Amazon so I only have to deal with that about twice a year. For laundry, I either use Amway (which I buy by the case about once a year) or soap nuts which last for ages. We don't buy bottled water, I bake most of our bread, we only use milk on cereal or in coffee/tea, and we don't use tons of soy sauce. David does go through quite a lot of cereal - a box about every 5 days - but I don't eat it. I just bought 25 pounds of oats last month so we should be good on that for awhile. ;) I include potatoes and onions in the fresh produce above and yes, we use a lot of those. And as for rice? Well, I bought 2 pounds of brown rice from the co-op this week and then bought 10 pounds of Zatarain's at Target in the city yesterday (that's what I insist on for jambalaya) so I'm totally with you on the rice thing. ;)